Mohanlal's 'Vrushabha’ – A Pan-Indian Epic in the Making

Oct 7, 2023

Indian Superstar Mohanlal is currently occupied with various projects. His upcoming ambitious project, 'Vrushabha’, is set to be one of his pan-Indian films. Following his success in 'Janata Garage,' the actor has taken on another Telugu film. This bilingual film in Malayalam and Telugu comes with a staggering budget of Rs. 200 crores. It is anticipated to hit screens worldwide next year and promises to deliver a truly spectacular cinematic experience. Directed by Kannada filmmaker Nanda Kishore, the movie will also see a release in various other languages. The cast includes Roshann Meka, Shanaya Kapoor, and Zahrah S Khan. `Vrushabha,' an action-packed entertainer, unfolds a captivating saga spanning generations, revolving around its central characters; it possesses all the elements of a blockbuster. Indian television mogul Ekta Kapoor shared her excitement while posting a picture with the legendary and brilliant actor, Mohanlal. A sense of excitement filled the air as cameras began rolling on Sunday, 23 July. The renowned superstar shared this news on his social media, expressing heartfelt appreciation for the unwavering support and enthusiasm of his dedicated fan base. The film's team is filled with confidence that it will mesmerize audiences all over the nation, breaking language barriers and appealing to a diverse range of viewers. As the cast and crew labour diligently to breathe life into this epic adventure, the audience can be assured of an unforgettable cinematic journey. With filming now underway, fans of the veteran actor eagerly anticipate another masterpiece to be added to his already impressive repertoire.